Bids & Proposals

Bid documents and requests for proposals are available for pickup Monday through Friday, during designated times at the location indicated for that project. Documents can be mailed at the bidders request and at the bidder’s expense by providing a FedEx or UPS number. Project specifications and drawings are generally available electronically through the contact person.

It is the responsibility of all bidders to contact the correct person as noted with each project to obtain all bid documents. All plan holders must provide the requested information so they can receive any addenda or other information.

Open Bids & RFP's | Approval Pending

Closed Bids & RFP's

Hay Bid (24-103F)
May 2, 2024 10:00 am link Hay Bid (24-103F)
Community/Birchwood Renovation Planning & Design (24-31F)

Bid Results

Janitorial Bid (24-104F)

Prebid Meeting: Tuesday, May 14 (1:00pm) at Community Center

link Janitorial Bid (24-104F)
Paving Project (24-22P)

Prebid Meeting: April 5 at 11:00am
Combined Service Facility

link Paving Project (24-22P)
Cutting Hall Microphone Bid (24-13F)
Meadowlark Development (24-29P)
Fleet Replacement Vehicles (24-17P)
Contractual Fertilizer Bid (24-102P)
Portable Toilet Services (24-101P)
Community Center Gym Divider & Fan Project (23-O5F)
Birchwood Elevator & Community Center Lift (23-16F)
Community Center Gym Divider and Fan Project (23-05F)
Community Center Gymnasium Floor Project (23-06F)
FAC Locker Room Resurface (23-04F)
Palatine Baseball/Softball Uniforms 2 (RFP)
Palatine Baseball/Softball Uniforms (23-01R)
Fleet Replacement Vehicles (23-35P)
Portable Toilet Services (23-104P)
Scavenger Services (23-105P)
Cutting Hall Stage Floor Replacement (23-07F)
Playground Replacement (23-37P)
Falcon Exterior & Interior Painting Web Notice (23-22F)
Hay Shed Expansion (23-26F)
Flooring Project Room 1E (23-17)
Cutting Hall Curtain Replacement (23-20F)
Cutting Hall Stage Floor Replacement (23-07F)
Park Paving (23-38P)

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link Park Paving (23-38P)
Fire Alarm Update (23-21F)
Family Aquatic Center Floor Resurfacing (22-37F)
Community Park Paving (22-43P)
House Demolition Project (22-200P-2)
Finch Park Playground Replacement (22-27P)
Stables Arena Footing (22-41F)
Asbestos Abatement Project (22-200P-1)
Cutting Hall & Falcon Carpet Replacement (22-36F)
Park Paving Project (22-25P)
Program T-Shirts (22-100D)
PCBS Uniforms (Pants, Socks, Belts) (22-103R)
PCBS Uniforms (22-102R)
Contract Mowing Bid Tab (22-101P)
Palatine Hills Golf Course Irrigation Upgrade Phase 5 (22-30F)
Concessioner/Restaurant Operations (22-104F)