Conduct Compliance & Policies

Conduct Ordinance

In 2004, the Board of Park Commissioners adopted a comprehensive Conduct Ordinance that relates to the use of the parks and property owned, operated, maintained, or controlled by Palatine Park District. A copy of this ordinance is available to view online here.

Participant Code of Conduct

In addition to the Conduct Ordinance of 2004, the Board of Park Commissioners has also approved Administrative Policy 2.12.1, Code of Conduct. This code of conduct is the minimum expected behavior of every participant to ensure the safety and positive experience of all involved. The district uses a three-pillar positive behavior program as the platform to define the expected behavior of all participants. This platform is aligned and consistent with the program used within the local elementary schools to create consistency among children and parents whether at school or play at the park district. This Code of Conduct is also aligned and tied to the District’s Anti-bullying policy and the District’s Participant Disciplinary Policy when rules and expectations of the positive behavior program are violated.

Policies of Public Input Protocol

The Park Board of Commissioners welcomes public comments during open session meetings held by the Board. Each person will be permitted to speak one time only. All comments from the public will be limited to three minutes per person. The total time available for public comment during any meeting shall be limited to 30 minutes unless the Board waives the rule prior to the commencement of the time for public comment. Groups may register a representative spokesperson by filing an appearance form no later than one hour in advance of a meeting. All comments must be civil in nature. Any person who engages in threatening, slanderous, or disorderly behavior when addressing the Board shall be deemed out-of-order by the presiding officer and his or her time to address the Board at said meeting shall end.

A.D.A. Compliance

The Palatine Park District intends to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act by making reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. If you have any questions about the Park District’s compliance policy, please contact one of our A.D.A. compliance officers: